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Enerjet - 2 Boxes

Enerjet - 2 Boxes

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Enerjet Botanical Beverage Mix - Immunity-boosting drink.


Benefits of Enerjet

✅ Contains strong antioxidant
✅ Helps boost energy
✅ Helps fight free radicals
✅ Helps strengthen the immune system
✅ Helps lower blood sugar level
✅ Helps improve digestion
✅ Rich in vitamin C & K
✅ Helps prevent chronic disease
✅ Helps protect against certain types of CANCER
✅ Helps improve heart health
✅ Helps kill harmful bacteria
✅ Helps treat many forms of nausea
✅ Helps reduce menstrual pain
✅ Helps lower cholesterol level 


7 sachets per box**

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